Take a virtual drive along the road of your choice by tracing it's route with your cursor (trace the road with your mouse). As you proceed along your chosen route, photos will pop-up to show you sights you can reasonably expect to see on your drive.

This is very much a work in progress! While we had every intention of providing pictures from all the possible routes as they lead into Cooke City, circumstances conspired against us during the past summer.

Currently there are only shots from roads on the northern part of the map with a few near Jackson and the Tetons.

Perhaps you have some great shots from your visit to the Greater Yellowstone area that you might like to share with us. If so please email them to NoUglies@beartoothcafe.com along with a brief description of where they were taken. If you send something we can use, we'll try to give you some photo credit on the site. We look forward to seeing you next summer!