Employment Opportunities
The Beartooth Café begins hiring cooks, prep-cooks, hosts, wait staff, and dishwashers in February or March. Experience is strongly preferred in the line cook, prep-cook and wait positions. However, particularly in the wait staff positions, other job experience, common sense, and good people skills can sometimes make up for a lack of actual wait staff experience. Experience is not necessary for the host and/or dishwashing positions but is a plus.
Preparation work for the beginning of our season generally starts about mid-May. Traditionally, the Café opens on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and closes the last Friday in September. Individuals who can arrive in time for opening preparation, then stay until all the final closing tasks are completed are particularly coveted!
The housing available in Cooke City is extremely limited. While employees are ultimately responsible to find housing, Deb Myers has some housing available for employees and all will try to assist you. All of the housing is rustic and by no means modern. Often it is necessary for employees to use the housing in a "communal" fashion with people they may or may not know. Such arrangements can take some getting used to but our experience is that life long friendships and camaraderie often develop. Most people feel that the living arrangements are well worth spending the summer in the Beartooth Mountains.
Interested employees should also know that Cooke City is a remote mountain community. It does not have discos, malls, or movie theaters! (To the right is an aerial photo of Cooke City, taken a few years back). On the other hand, it does have fishing, camping, hiking, a small general store, a post-office, gas stations, a couple bars, a coffee shop, motels, several restaurants, and a non-denominational church. To inquire about employment, please email us at info@beartoothcafe.com

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